Free help and free advice on issues we have to deal with every day. We are supposed to learn from our elders, but sometimes the lessons that they give, and especially the lessons we learn on social media are not true or not good enough. Here your are offered free help and free advice. It is up to you if you take it or not, but at least give it a try‚Ķit may change your life. 

Here is a little free advice on PC and console games. This section also contains technical help that may be hard to find on other websites.

Want to know a little more about a game or an app before you buy? Or, maybe you would like to see what you can get for free in an app store. This section contains PC game and software reviews, along with mobile app, game and software reviews.

If you are an addict, you are not a bad person, you do not have poor willpower, you are not self indulgent, you are not selfish, and you are not immoral. If you have an addiction, you are making a choice without fully understanding why. This page helps you understand your addiction.




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