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Tips And Advice For Fallout Shelter

My Fallout Shelter guide is for intermediate and advanced players. It doesn’t have tips such as “Put your players in the right rooms” and “Upgrade your rooms” and so forth. My guide is for hardcore Fallout Shelter players who know what they are doing.

There is no “right” way to play Fallout Shelter. You may do as you wish. You can train everybody in your shelter to be ultra-dwellers with top stats, you can play for the special rewards that appear by your objectives, or you can play to go on quests. There is plenty to do, and plenty of waiting too, but you can weave some of the game play into your day so that you can do all the fun stuff when you get home at night.

Does Luck Help You Out In The Wasteland In Fallout Shelter?

Some people say that a high luck stat will help you find better items in the wasteland, but I have found that high stats all round is the most reliable way of getting better stuff. It is not true that they will find better stuff, but they will typically pick up more caps. If you want your dwellers to pick up rarer junk, outfits and guns, then give your dwellers better guns and outfits to start out with. Give them plenty of Stimpacks and RadAways, so that they may stay out longer.

Send out somebody with high stats, a good weapon, good gear, plenty of stimpacks and plenty of RadAways. Send them out for over 12 hours and even up to 24 hours if the character isn’t getting low on Stimpacks.

The cash and items that person comes back with is usually pretty awesome. Plus, that character will experience random encounters too, where you will be able to pick up more cool stuff.

I have noticed that dwellers with lots of items in the Wasteland will pick up fewer as time goes by. For example, a dweller who has picked up 10 items out in the wasteland after 2 hours, will have only picked up another two (12 total) after six hours. If your dweller is loaded with items, it may be worth bringing them back to empty their pockets.

Max Out On Luck And Another Stat

If you are training dwellers, then train them on Luck and whatever stat they need to complete their job. For example, if you want to train up a power worker, then train him or her up on strength and on luck. If the dweller works in the water processor, then train him or her up in perception and luck (you get the idea).

Having all your dwellers maxed out on the other stats may be pointless. After all, what use is a person with high strength stats if they work in the Diner. However, having a high luck stat will help you across the board. It means your dweller will pick up more caps in the Wasteland, it lowers your chances of an incident when rushing a room, and it makes your rooms more likely to produce caps when their resources are collected.

Are Your Annoying Dwellers Getting In The Way?

If your dwellers are wondering around or getting themselves killed by Radroaches, Mole Rats, and whatever finds its way into your vault. Simply, send them out to do a little caps and junk finding.

You do not have to worry about kitting your dwellers out with great gear, you don’t have to give them a gun, and you don’t have to give them Stimpacks. Send them out to go and find a few things and keep an eye on them from time to time. If their health starts becoming too depleted, then recall them because they cannot be harmed while they are returning to your vault.

Doing a little wasteland walking will get useless dwellers out of your vault for a while, and they will collect a few caps and common items while they are out. It is a very useful tactic nearer the beginning before you build a quest overseers room.

Leaving People Out In The Cold

Do not leave people out in the wilderness if you are going to leave the game (turn it off) for a few hours because they usually end up dead. Recall them when you are about to leave the game and they will be fine. Remember that they cannot be harmed when they are returning, so feel free to allow your wastelanders to expend all their stimpacks before they return.

If you are leaving them out all night, then give them a gun, maybe an outfit, and give them a few Stimpacks and RadAways.

Sending Dwellers Out On Long Missions

Load up one of your dwellers with plenty of Stimpacks and RadAways and send them into the wilderness for hours upon hours and they should be fine. Just make sure they start off with a weapon that has eight or more hit points. Doing this will enable them to earn more EXP because they are less likely to run from opponents/monsters in the wasteland.

Protecting Your Door Is Dumb

Don’t leave people at your door to protect you from raiders. Firstly, a two dweller team will often suffer a death or two when facing three armed raiders. Secondly, search out the room that the raiders will hit first and give your dwellers guns in that room.

For example, if the first “Manned” room is your radio room, then kit out the dwellers with your best guns. When the attackers break through, they will engage with this team first and will hopefully be destroyed before they are able to reach other rooms.

Keeping people in your temple’s door room offers no benefits so far as I can see. Your resources still flash red, which indicates they are being stolen, and the dwellers do not receive any sort of fighting bonus so far as I can tell. 

What To Leave Running Overnight

The best things to leave overnight are dwellers in training rooms, dwellers in craft rooms, dwellers on quests and dwellers in the radio rooms. Leave them overnight in rooms that you cannot usually rush. You may also like to get them pregnant before you go to bed at night and you will most likely wake up to a vault full of babies waiting to be delivered.

The game continues to run when you turn it off, but when it is off it requires far less maintenance than if you were to sit watching it all night. If you play the game, then there are more attacks and you have to keep clicking the rooms for resources. You do not have to click to gain resources when the game is off, and you will not be attacked.

Attacks on your vault do not happen while you are away from the game. Also, wasteland quests only appear when you are playing. Give your players plenty to do while you are away and it will all be ready for you when you get back (if you leave it long enough). The rooms that have people in will have clickable resources ready for the taking. If you have people wandering around, then put them in training rooms or item workshops while you are away.

Dead dwellers in the wasteland do nothing besides sit around waiting to be revived. If you have dead dwellers in a room with your other dwellers, then the live dwellers will become sad.

This May Be A Power Station Bug

I was low on power. I bought two more power stations and didn't put people in them and my power problems were eventually over. It may be because the ratio of power stations and rooms had changed.It may be because my storage capacity had increased and my dwellers were able to save more than the previous limit per harvesting.

Breeding With Stronger Dwellers Doesn’t Matter

If you breed people with high special abilities, then their kids are more likely to start out with similar higher abilities. The sad truth is that the effects are minute. For example, if you breed two people with level 10 strength stats, you will be lucky if the child has more than three or four strength stats when born. In addition, if you breed two dwellers that are maxed out with all their Specials, the child’s intelligence is almost always the one that is higher than the others.

I had two dwellers that were maxed out on strength. I had them breed, and the child only had 3/10 on strength. I would have expected at least 5/10, but he only had 3/10, which is a stat you can get from people you call in over the radio from the wasteland. In conclusion, there is little point in breeding your best and brightest because the result is negligible.

Dealing With Pregnant Women

Send them back to work while they are pregnant because they will still work just as well as they did before. Do not bother giving them guns because they will not use them. Give them outfits because the specials modifiers will still work. Kids and pregnant women are invulnerable because they will go and hide, so do not worry about trying to shift them away from danger because they will run away from it and hide in their residence.

Selling Weapons Is Often Not Worth It

Junk is more difficult to find than just ten caps for selling your gun. Unless you are short on storage space, you should probably scrap your low powered weapons and use the junk to craft new items later in the game.

Rarer weapons are worth more caps, but getting rid of them is not often a good idea. If you must get rid of them, then scrap them to see if you get rare junk items.

Having to build numerous store rooms is a pain. As an experienced player, you can simply keep the junk required for the best weapons and outfits and then sell the rest. If you have plenty of junk, feel free to start selling your weapons and outfits just to save space (not particularly because you need the caps).

Understanding How The Training Rooms Work

If you have somebody in the training room and the timer is slowly counting down to them gaining a special stat, the dweller doesn’t lose his or her place when you take put that dweller into a different room.

For example, a female dweller was training to increase her strength and she had 2 hours and 59 minutes until she received her stat upgrade. I took her out and bred her with another dweller. She became pregnant, so I put her back into the training room and she resumed at 2 hours and 59 minutes. She did not lose her progress. I don’t know if this still works if the game is turned off and turned on again.

The black Lab pet dog will reduce your training time by 10%. For example, I put a dweller into the Lounge training room to increase her Charisma stat. Without the dog, her training time was 12hrs and 38 minutes. With the lab attached, her training time went down to 11hrs 22 minutes.

Black Lab Minus Ten Percent Training Time

Before You Rush A Room

Don’t be afraid to rush your rooms and then rush them again and again. The more times you rush them, then the less chance there is that you will succeed. However, the caps reward is higher if you succeed. Before you rush a room, make sure your characters each have a gun to kill the monsters that appear out of the ground.

Give your characters clothes that increase their luck. It will lower the chances of an incident happening if the room is full of characters with a high luck statistic.

Arranging Your Dwellers For Better Efficiency

Name your dwellers after the rooms they are best suited for. You can name your dwellers the same name without having to call them “Water 01” and “Water 02.” Name them and place them in their most suitable rooms.

If you have had to wiggle your characters around a little and move them from room to room, then click the room and click on the clipboard on the bottom left of your screen. Locate the correct dweller for each room based on what you named them.

Click the specials bar to see which dwellers rank the best according to which special ability they have. This will make it easier for you to find the best characters for the most suitable jobs.

Play More Than One Vault At A Time

The PC version allows you to run and load three vaults at a time. It is more fun playing two vaults for two reasons. The first reason is because you can experiment with one vault while grinding away with the other vault.

The other reason is because there will be times when you have nothing better to do than wait. When that is the case, simply save on one game and go and reload the other. While you play one vault, you will find that your other vault still runs. You can skip between one and the other so that you do not have to sit around waiting for something to happen.

Dead And Alive Wasteland Dweller Confusion

Some people say that when a dweller is dead in the wasteland that they do not consume vault resources. However, I have found that the dwellers I send into the wasteland will stop consuming vault resources whether they are dead or alive.

Some people suggest that you send low level dwellers out to their death so that they do not drain your resources. I say that you can simply send them out to the wasteland they will stop being a burden.

It is true that dead dwellers in the wasteland will still count towards your vault population. That means you could do something such unlock rooms without having to fill your vault up with dwellers because they are all lying dead in the wasteland.

How To Find The Stranger In Your Vault

Fallout Shelter - Where is the stranger

The Stranger Hangs Around In Elevators For An Easy Find

Look for the hidden guy in elevators. He is very easy to spot in an elevator because the green light is on, but the elevator is not moving up or down.

Stranger in the elevator

A Few Tips About The Controls

If you are playing on a desktop computer (advisable), then use the up and down arrow buttons on your keyboard to get from the top to the bottom of your vault. It is faster and easier than clicking and moving.

If you want to see how long it will be before somebody in a training room will earn a special point, click on the room while you are zoomed out and then zoom in using your mouse wheel. It may take a few attempts to get the hang of it.

How To Make Training Rooms More Efficient

The more people you put into a training room, then the less time it takes each dweller to level up one special stat. The most efficient way to train people up is to merge three room, fill it to capacity with six people, and upgrade the room to level three.

The Size Of A Training Room Doesn’t Directly Change Its Effectiveness

The size of the training room doesn’t appear to affect how effective it is. I ran a test with a single and a double training room. I put a guy into a single level one (basic) training room and his training time was 6h 44m. I upgraded the single training room to a level two training room and the training time was 6h 25m. I put the same person into a double training room and upgraded it to level two. I put the same person into that and his training time was still 6h 25m.

Should I Spend Real Money On An Anything?

Normally, I would say no because Freemium games are a plague on honest gamers. However, Bethesda has really put a lot of work into this game and it is of a very high quality. If you are gong to spend money on anything, then buy a Mr Handy. You can earn them for free if you play for long enough, but they are real time savers because they save you having to click room after room after room.

All I will say is that you should play the game for a few days first to be sure you don’t get bored with it. Plus, buying things is almost like cheating, and you should enjoy the game before making the game easier on yourself.

Finally, you need to play for a few days and fill your vault with dwellers to see if your game experiences crashes. Some people have complained that when they get over 100 dwellers they have crashes.

I have played on my PC for a few weeks now, and I have known the game to crash when I delete rooms, but everything is okay when I re-load. Your experience may differ, so play it a few days before you start buying things. Mr Handy removes a lot of the grind.

Can You Trick Your Way Into Beating The Objectives

There is a lot of waiting around in the game, so I enjoy working towards the objectives because you can get rewards for them. You are allowed to dismiss one objective per day without having to use a Nuka Cola bottle. I find it fun trying to trick my way to winning the objectives. Also, there are two pets that multiply your objective completions and they are a great help. One is a parrot that multiplies objectives by two, and one is a dog that multiplies them by three. In-fact, “Dogmeat” is considered to be one of the best pets in the game.

Dogmeat pet from fallout shelter

Here are a few cheeky ways of achieving objectives without waiting as long.

     Merge Two Rooms x6

If the objective wants me to merge two rooms x 6, then I buy the water room twice because it is the cheapest. Merge, wait for the objective to update, destroy, and repeat. Once the room is destroyed, then the cost of the room returns to what it was before you built the room.

     Increase The Happiness Of Your Dwellers To 100%

These objectives often ask you to make a certain number of dwellers 100% happy. The quickest way to do this is to find dwellers that are already 100% happy and put them in the same room. Rush the room until it fails. When they take damage, it should affect their happiness. Give them a Stimpack each and give them clothes that increase their Charisma. Keep them in the same room and they will make each other happy again. If you want a quicker fix, then start breeding couples that have less than 100% happiness because having sex makes them 100% happy.

     Any Equip Objectives

Simply un-equip people and then equip other people. Each time you equip another dweller it will count towards the objective. Re-equip the ones you unequipped if you wish.

 Craft 6 Outfits

Pick the quickest outfit to create and then increase the stats of each dweller to make it go even quicker. The pre-war suburbanite or Polka dot dress takes very little time. Do the Polka Dot sundress, and fill your workshop with dwellers with high intelligence because that is the stat that makes polka dot dresses manufacture more quickly. Give the dwellers outfits that increase their intelligence too, such as the lab coat.

     Survive X Feral Ghoul Attacks With No Casualties

The x2 or x3 objective completion" pet is a big help. Give it to the dweller in the same room where the Ferral ghouls are killed. Have 6 people in the room with 7+ weapons to slaughter them all in one go.

     Kill X Radscorpions Without A Weapon

Create a small single room and make it a level one medbay. Put somebody in there with a Mr Handy. Rush the hell out of it. The Radscorpian spawned should be of a low level, and you can use the rushed Stimpacks to keep your dweller alive. Use a pet such as Vinnie the parrot (x2 objective) to make the process move faster. Your single dweller will kill the Radscorpions without a weapon if you do it this way.

     Equip X Players With X Gun

With this mission you may be asked to equip 12 people with something such as a BB gun. If you have to give people a certain type of gun, then give a dweller the regular version, and then switch it to the enhanced version, and then the rusty version. For example, if you give one person a regular BB gun, then it counts as a completed objective. Remove that gun from the dweller and give the person a rusty BB gun, which will again count as a completed objective. Finally, remove the other gun and give that dweller an enhanced BB gun, and that too counts as a completed objective. You will have marked off three objectives with just one dweller and three versions of the same gun.

My 2+ Child Specials Experiment

In order to see what the +2 Child Specials pet does, I did a little experience.

Used Yuki dog that has “+2 child specials” quality. I gave the dog to the woman.

The man was level 4 with these stats:

S1 P1 E2 C2 I2 A3 L9

The woman was level 18 with these stats:

S2 P2 E1 C1 I1 A2 L9

Baby 1

S4 P4 E3 C3 I4 A3 L5

Baby 2

S4 P3 E4 C4 I3 A4 L5

Baby 3

S4 P3 E4 C3 I3 A4 L5

Baby 4

S5 P3 E4 C3 I4 A3 L4

As you can see, the dwellers both had a high luck stat, and usually they only produce children with L3 or L4, but in this case they created a child and L5 and L4. Also, despite the fact that the parents have Low S,P,E, C and A, they still produced a child with 3s and 4s in those areas. They even created a child with an S5.

More Dwellers Means Harder Vault Attacks

Worse raid and incident threats seem to appear due to the amount of dwellers I have. For example, when I reached 51 dwellers, I first started to receive RadScorpion random attacks and rush-room incidents. When I reached 61 dwellers I started to receive DeathClaw attacks. DeathClaw attacks do not occur if you have 60 dwellers. I lowered my dweller count from 61 to 60 by expelling a dweller and the DeathClaw attacks seem to have stopped. However, the attacks may be so random that I went days without a DeathClaw attack because of randomness.

Even Dwellers With Maxed Out Stats Should Be Outfitted

Even if a dweller has a maxed out Special stat, you can still give them an outfit for extra stats. There is an online rumour that says your dweller becomes immune from radiation if he or she has 11 Endurance. I have not tested to see if it is true.

Kit out your dwellers with outfits even if said dwellers have full special skills. For example, if you have a dweller who has max Strength, you can give that dweller an outfit such as military fatigues, and that dweller will have 10+3 strength, which will do things such as lower the amount of time it takes to create resources in the power station.

Rushing Rooms When You Need The Resources

Rush rooms right after they have produced something. After all, what do you have to lose? A failed rush will reset the clock, but it will have already reset itself after you took its supplies, so there is no downside unless the failure causes your dwellers to die.

Remember to give your dwellers good guns before rushing a room so that they may handle the pests. Very small rooms may be rushed frequently because the failure conditions do not last as long. Pests are killed more quickly and fires are extinguished more quickly than with larger rooms.

Isolated Rooms Will Lessen Potential Damage

Isolate your rooms to stop mole rats, radroaches and fires from spreading. RadScorpions will burrow to any random room they wish, so if you spawn them during a room rush failure, make sure you eliminate them before they burrow away to another room. Below is an image of a vault from person who took this tip a little too far. Nevertheless, in the vault pictured below, occurrences of fire, radroaches and mole rats will not spread from room to room.

Ways of stopping incidents from propagating

Room Counters Change Before The Dweller Moves In

A room clock will alter as soon as you assign a dweller to it. For example, if your radio room says 1h 23m, and you assign another dweller from a room far from the radio room, then the the timer will go down as soon as you assign that person, even before that person has ran all the way over and set foot in the room.

Three Quick Tips For Fallout Shelter

If the icon for a wasteland quest comes up, you need to click it quickly because it will disappear.

Leveling up during a quest will replenish your health, so do not waste Stimpacks when you can click the green arrow and have them back to full health.

Having a dweller with high Endurance in your store room may not offer any direct advantages, but if your dweller has a high endurance stat, then being in the store room will make him or her happy.

Where To Download Fallout Shelter

You can download it for free at FalloutShelter.com

Written By Ashley Gaynor, 11/04/2017