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Secrets And Gameplay Advice For Infectonator 3 - Apocalypse

The graphics suck, but the game is surprisingly well balanced when you consider the fact that it was made by a pretty lousy developer. Trailer undersells the game, and so do many YouTube videos on Infectonator 3. If you like a bit of Real-Time Strategy and Role Playing (RPG), then this game will keep you occupied for a weekend.

How To Fix The Pointer Lag

Take it off full screen, and lower the resolution and you will see a marked difference. You may also lower the image quality, but I am already unimpressed with the retro-pixel theme, so I will be darned if I am turning the graphics down any further.

Infected Burger + Jar Of Goo

The infected burger will attract people towards it. The burger disappears after it has infected three people. Throw down a jar of goo, and put a burger in the middle of the mess. It will draw people in and infect them before they hit the burger, which means the burger remains for longer and continues to draw more people toward the goo.

Always Aim For Perfect Map Scores

Perfect scores on a map will increase the map’s infection level faster. This is mostly important if you are trying to destroy a lab before it creates a cure. In addition, if you get it perfect, then you get a prize body bag that contains three items. Sometimes it is worth the expense of spending a little more on the attack (be it zombies or support items) in order to complete the map and kill everybody. Attacking creates panic, which is a double-edged sword because more panic means more people are armed, but a full panic bar in a location will cause the country to start firing nukes.

Wait And Plan Your Attack Before Making Your First Move

There is no rush at the start. You can time your infection to hit four people rather than just one or two. It is obviously better to hit a map with as much as you have got as quickly as you can, but there are times when waiting to unleash a monster or a support item may be more prudent, especially if there is a pocket of resistance you need to destroy before the rest of the map becomes infected. Later in the game, trying to extend the game is quite important, which sometimes means locking a zombie in a small room to keep it safe while you figure out your next move.

Don’t Grind One Country Right Away

Cure Labs will pop up from nowhere. It is best to spread yourself around and unlock as many countries as you can so that you can attack the labs sooner rather than later when they spawn. The last thing you want to do is have to complete six to ten maps before you reach the country that has the lab in it.

Really Go For The Objectives

They offer plenty of coins and most of the objectives are viciously easy, especially in the early game, such as having to use a landmine, or having to spawn a chubby zombie. Some of the objectives are done during fights and others are done in the lab. For example, you may be asked to create three of a certain type of zombie in the lab, or you may be asked to spawn nine types of the same zombie while out fighting through the maps.

The Poorly-Conceived Very-Early Waiting Game

Be warned that you cannot wait around forever because global panic will still continue to rise every few days, which means cure labs will eventually be created. If you wish, you can wait around during the early game and wait for zombies to be created so that you may use them as currency for stronger zombies. If your goal is to complete the next map with a perfect rating, then fair enough, but waiting around for days to pass is a pretty dull way to play the game. Obviously, when labs start creating a cure, it is not a good idea to stand around waiting for zombies to spawn because you need to attack those labs and set the cure process back a few weeks.

Three Support Weapons Per Mid-Game Mission

Pick four support weapons and take three of each when you are midway through the game. That means you are taking 12 weapons into the battle, which should be just enough. Any more than that, and the cost-benefit is not worth it. Remember that the cost of support weapons goes up dramatically after each purchase.

Cost Benefit of three weapons per mission.jpg

Four And Five Support Weapons During The Late Game

During the late game there is little else to spend your money on, and the objectives are often easy and they give you $10,000 per completion. You can spend the money on further stats upgrades to your zombies if you wish, but you should already have pretty high stats, plus you probably have a bunch of DNA benefits and levelled up zombies. Later in the game, if you are doing well, you should have money to add stat upgrades and buy five of each support weapon prior to your missions.

If You Keep Failing, Then Play An Even-Average Game

It is fun to try to create zombies that are super fast and super infectious, but you may find that you fail more often than you like, and you may find that the world keeps creating a cure before you can dominate the world. If that is the case, then stop trying to create super zombies of one variety or another and level up your stats equally. It is not as fun as creating tank zombies with lots of life and lots of damage resistance, or 28 Days Later zombies that are super fast and super infectious. However, playing an average game increases your chances of succeeding before a cure is found. The image below shows my stats by day 90.

Treat Your Clowns Like Support Weapons

For example, instead of spending money on burgers, you can use a clown. When you drop a clown, he automatically deposits a burger where he stands, so it is just like you dropped a burger, except that you get a clown running around too, and the clown was free.

Treat Some Unique Zombies Like Special Area-Effect Weapons

For example, if you have a small horde of zombies in one place, then drop a Kruggy or Jason in between them and they will all become instantly faster (Kruggy) or instantly stronger (Jason). Drop a mummy in a group of your enemies and they will all slow down for a while.

Lock Your Coin Grabbers In Certain Empty Rooms

I tried this a few times and sometimes I got lucky. There was a locked room that I had cleared and it had two vending machines in it, and my coin grabbers kept robbing them. The Zomlins are more efficient, there are more of them, and they are faster, so choose them over coin grabbers if you have the chance.

Pause...Just Pause

Pause your game during the game map (not battle map) section. Pause it whenever you get the chance because the more days that pass, the harder the game becomes. You do not even lose out on zombie spawns because they normally appear just after you have a battle and just before you pause the map. You cannot pause during fights, but you can click the objectives button in the top right corner if you need a moment.

Levelling Up Zombies Does Help

It seems silly wasting zombies on levelling up zombies, but there are two benefits. Firstly, there are objectives where you have to craft zombies, so you have a reason to craft certain types. Secondly, when special zombies are created in the field because of infection and mutation, the special zombies are spawned at whatever level you left them at. For example, if you levelled up a Brute (special zombie) up to level three, then any that are created in the field are at level 3.

The Building A Horde Method

This is a method used later in the game when your zombies have a longer lifespan, and when your enemies are armed to the teeth and they keep killing you too quickly. Infect one in a room, lock the door, and drop a few zombies in there (or infect the inhabitants) until you have a group/horde of zombies, and then drop on Kruggy to set them all to hyperspeed, and unlock the doors. Drop a burger outside the room near the door, and drop a few support weapons when the enemies bunch up near the door to shoot your zombies. Get ready with a mine for if the enemies start swarming your doorway.

Do Not Level Up Coin Collectors

Level up the Zomlins instead. The coin collectors offer very few long-term bonuses and their job is done far better by the Zomlins. Even if they are spawned through mutations, rather than you dropping them, they are not worth keeping alive. Level up your Zomlins so that they stick around for longer and can hunt down more coins.

Drop Yeti Like A Bomb

Plonk him down in the middle of a big group of armed enemies and he will throw most of them off the screen. He will probably be killed shortly afterwards, but he is a free enemy killer that you can treat like a bomb; in that you just drop him wherever you want a big group of enemies to die.

Locking Doors

How you use doors tactically is your choice, but it is usually best to lock a door if a room is clear in order to trap people in a smaller area. Plus, I have noticed that people run towards doors and may stand around for a second if they reach one and it is locked.

Where To Buy The Game

Written By Ashley Gaynor, 15/05/2018

Last Updated 15/05/2018