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Secrets And Gameplay Advice For Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light (FTL) is an indie game that has retro graphics. The production company didn’t have the experience or money needed to create a polished and graphically pleasing game, but they certainly put a lot of thought into the game mechanics. It is both frustrating and rewarding and well worth the money if you like tactical games.

Anticipating Enemy Shots And Reacting To Them

You can see when an enemy gun is about to shoot. In many cases, the weapon has a red light on it until it is about to shoot, at which point the light will turn green just before the shot.

Turn on your cloaking system just after the enemy shoots. Press pause as the enemy shoots and prepare your ship. You can turn on the cloaking device so that most (if not all) of the shots miss your ship. You may also like to increase power to your engines to increase the chances of the shot missing your ship.

Turn off your shields just as an EM pulse or Ion pulse leaves the enemy ship. In most cases, you can time your shields so that the ion pulse hits another system, or nothing, and your shield comes back online right after. You only need to turn it off and on again; you do not need to wait. Your shield takes a short while to recharge, which means you can have it recharge while the ion pulse is heading towards you.

In the video, the shields are turned off, the game is quickly unpaused and paused again, and the shields are re-powered. The ion blasts do not take out the shields, they hit the ship instead. The shields are then allowed to fully recharge.

Power Management

You do not need your medbay or clone bay powered all the time. Your clone bay does not need to be powered when you jump. You will still receive your fair portion of regenerated health. Your clone bay doesn’t need to be powered while you fight because it gives you a few seconds to turn it back on before your crewmember dies. You only need to power your medbay when a crewmember is in there.

If a missile has just been fired, put more power in your engines for a while, especially from systems you are not using, or from your oxygen system. You can allow your oxygen levels to fall to 6% before you have to turn your oxygen system back on again. If you let it fall to 5%, then your crew will start to take damage from suffocation

Hide In Your Medbay During Invasions

When you have intruders aboard, open up all of your doors and let the oxygen escape from all the rooms except the medaby. Keep the doors to your medbay closed so that there is still oxygen in there. Any invaders will start to head for areas that have oxygen in them. They will enter your medbay and start fighting with your staff, but your staff cannot lose because they are constantly having their health regenerated. The only way your crew may lose is if they are dramatically outnumbered, or if you lose power to your medbay.

Suffocating invaders is a good tactic that works even better if you have upgraded doors because it takes them time to bash through them. Even if you do not have upgraded doors, you can lock them by placing a crewmember in the door systems room. If a crewmember is in your doors system room, it will have the same effect as if you had upgraded your doors by one.

Kill All The Crew And You Get Bigger Rewards

If you kill all of the crew on a slaver’s ship, it usually gives you a choice of which new crewmember you may have for free. If you kill all the crew in any other ship, then the monetary rewards are usually higher. One way to kill all the enemy crew is to teleport your crew to their ship for a little hand-to-hand fighting, but there are plenty of other ways, such as anti-bio beams, fire, suffocation, drones, and many more.

Teleport All Of Your Crew If You Have A Clone Bay

If you are using your teleporter to attack the enemy in their own ship, then feel free to send over all of your crew if you have a clone bay. Usually, sending everybody over is a risky move because if your teleporter is hit, then it is game over. However, if your teleporter is hit and you have a clone bay, you may simply allow a crewmember to die aboard the enemy ship, and he/she will re-spawn on your ship in your clone bay.

Aim For The Biggest Threat First

Usually, the biggest threat is the weapons system, but sometimes it is the drones. There are times when the engines or pilots seat is the biggest threat because the ship is charging its Faster Than Light engines. If the ship has missiles, then that is usually your biggest threat, so you need to take out their weapons as soon as possible.

Should You Accept Surrender?

In most cases you shouldn’t because you will are more likely to get a bigger reward for destroying the ship. However, there are a few circumstances where it may be better to accept surrender.

[+] If the reward for accepting surrender is unusually high, then it may be worth accepting surrender.

[+] If the surrender offering has things you really need, then it may be worth accepting surrender. For example, if you need missiles, fuel or drones and they are offering them, then it may be worth accepting their surrender because there is no guarantee you will get similar things when you destroy the ship.

[+] If they offer you a piece of technology or a very valuable crewmember, then it may be worth accepting their surrender, especially since you can sell the technology for a bigger monetary reward.

[+] If slavers offer a crew member and you are very low on crew, then you may like to accept surrender. However, if you are going to kill the slaver’s crew without destroying the ship, you should be able to pick a crewmember to hire for free.

Do As Many Jumps As Possible Before Jumping To A Store

The less money you have, then the less a store has to offer you. It is basic economics. Plan your route so that you can hit as many locations as possible before you hit the store. As you can see in the image, the player has taken it right to the line before jumping to the store.

Do Not Repair Your Ship If It Is In The Green

There is just no point. There are so many random encounters that may replenish your ship health that it is usually pointless wasting money repairing your ship. Unless you have an agenda where you may have to take a lot of ship damage in the coming battles, you may as well save your money.

In Asteroid Fields, Aim For Their Shields First Or Second

In asteroid fields the asteroids will arrive every few seconds. They arrive in intervals that allows your sheild to refil before it hits again. If you take out your enemy’s shilds, they will be hit by asteroids. Add this to your weapon’s fire, and soon they are toast.

Transporting To Sentry Ships

If you have a Lanius crew member, then he or she may walk around and destroy the sentry’s systems without taking damage because Lanius crew members do not use oxygen.

Send over other crew members over with a level 2 transporter, and the teleporter will recharge quickly enough for you to bring them back before they suffocate.

If you have no offensive weapons, but you have a clone bay, you may send over crew members and have them destroy ship systems and go down with the ship. If you only have a medbay, then you will not be able to take down the sentry without losing a crew member.

Beam Weapons Cannot Miss

Most people opt for projectile weapons, be they blasters or missiles, but the beam weapons are great tactical weapons, especially since they cannot miss. It means the enemy’s steering and engine skills and upgrades are useless for them.

Use Your Keyboard You Slippy Nippled Jerk

The space bar is your best friend. Learn to keep your thumb over it so you can pause whenever you need to make a timed move, such as turning on your cloak just as they fire their missiles. Use the pause button to plan and execute your tactics.

The numbers across the top of your keyboard will activate/use your weapons and drones. Using the number hotkeys is far faster than clicking on your weapons and drones. The “J” button takes you to the jump menu if your FTL engine is charged.

The More Shots You Fire, The Faster Your Weapon Skills Progress

Put a crew member in your weapons room, and your weapons will charge faster. You can train your crew member by keeping him or her in the weapons room to fire shots. Some weapons shoot up to five times, and such a weapon will improve your shooter’s skills faster than a weapon that only shoots once. A fully trained weapon’s expert will lower your charging times and your hit accuracy will improve.

How To Find The Secret Sector With The Rock Cruiser - The Easy Way

This is one of the most difficult missions. The mission is called “Ancestry,” and there is a mildly easier way to complete it. If you use the advanced edition and enable advanced edition content, you may earn “Tektite,” which is the “Rock Cruiser C.”

To earn the Tektite, you need to get to sector 8 with the “Rock Cruiser B” that is called the “Shivan.” You need the advanced edition content to be enabled to unlock the Tektite.

Here is how you “Find The Secret Sector With The Rock Cruiser” the easy way. You find the rock homeworld using the Tektite ship. You find the ancient device, you survive the “Hidden Crystal World Sector,” and you get your ship.

Play the mission on easy because there is no benefit to playing on a normal or hard difficulty, you are just making it harder on yourself if you do. You need to find the ancient device, and it is located in the rock homeworld.

Despite the fact that you are a Rock ship, the Rock Homeworld is a red hostile sector. The ancient device is most likely to appear in sector five. It is found within a normal beacon, not a distress, hostile, store or anomaly beacon.

If you name your Crystal crew member “Ruwen” at the start of the game, the beacon is lablled “Quest” in the Rock Homeworld, so you are less likely to miss it. There is a rumor that you are more likely to get a Rock Homeworld sector if you purposefully visit hostile sectors on the run up to sector five.

Once you get to the event, you have to choose, “(Crystal Crew) Reactivate it.” You are then teleported to the “Hidden Crystal World Sector.” Get to the quest marker, and you have done it.

To Nebula Or Not Nebula?

A nebula will slow the enemy down, which means you get more chances to explore and better upgrade your ship. The only downside is that some of your ships functions will not work, such as your sensors or mind control, and some of the beacons will temporarily remove your reactor power bars, which makes your trip more difficult. Nevertheless, you should try to mix up your journey with hostile, civilian and nebula sectors to help round off your ship and expose you to the most opportunities.

A Level One Cloak Does Charge Faster Than A Level Two

The more you upgrade your cloak, the longer it holds your cloak. A long cloak is handy for charging your weapons for an attack and your engines for an escape. However, the rumors that an upgraded cloak takes longer to charge is true. A level one cloak takes just over 23 seconds to charge. A level two cloak takes just over 30 seconds to charge.

If you upgrade your cloak to a level three, then the recharge time is always approximately 20 seconds, even if you only have 2 power bars in your cloak, which means that upgrading to a level three cloak is very advisable.

Defeating The Flagship Under Construction

It is very easy, and good practice for the real thing. Aim to take out the missile systems firstly, and the laser blasters secondly. If you have full health, and/or the ability to dodge the ship’s first volley of shots, you may like to try taking out the shields first, after which, you are free to extremely damage the ship with your next round of shots.

The rewards for defeating the ship are usually handsome, so you should consider taking it down even if it costs you a lot of your ship’s health. However, if you are struggling, jump away and try again when you have recovered (if you can).

Where To Buy The Game

If you live in the USA, then you may buy the game from

If you live in the United Kingdom, then you may buy the soundtrack from

People living in the US are also able to buy FLT (Faster Than Light) clothing too.

Written By Ashley Gaynor, 31/05/2016

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