If you are the sort of person who waves at passing cars….with no clothes on...then South Park Stick of Truth may be for you.

This review contains only minor spoilers in that it shows you a few things in the game. This review does not give away any plot points or twists. With that said, try to limit the number of gameplay.

No spoilers in this review

Saying that South Park the Stick Of Truth is only for South Park fans is like saying dog food is only for dogs.

Ted Nipples feeds his nan some dog food

South Park fans will get the most out of this game because it features hundreds of episode references from the time when South Park was both hilarious and inspired. This was the period just after the movie in 1999, up until the end of season 18 in 2014.

And don't get me wrong, that is around fifteen years of solid material. Even their hit and miss episodes are better than what many other shows call their A material. I am just saying that around about season 19 is when the show stopped connecting with me.

South Park character in action

Here you can see the game in action. My character is the long-haired blonde. You cannot play as South Park characters, you have to create your own. But you can change the appearance of your character both from the start and as you go along. You pick up more clothing types, hair types, facial decorations, and all that stuff.

You play as the new kid who wants to join the South Park gang, but must prove himself with a series of tasks. As you can imagine, the tasks get more and more absurd and nutty until…...well, actually, I am not going to tell you.

One thing I will say is that your character, a young boy, will end up being stuffed up a gay man’s bottom. That's right, as part of the story, you take a trip to toilet town.

Keep your eyes open, and you will see there is stuff hidden everywhere. But the kicker is that most of it you cannot get right away. You have to wait until later in the game when you have certain abilities or certain events have happened. Like the time I was arrested for hugging strangers

Things change each time the scene loads, which usually means that some bad guys respawn and different NPCs appear. As you walk past some people, they will give you clues as to what you can do in other locations.

Smashes a window to expose a hidden device

See, here you can smash the window and it reveals what looks like a hidden camera, but you do not find out what it does until later. It actually looks a lot like my Mic.

Here is the microphone I used at home. It comes in black or white.

As you play South Park Stick of Truth, you will notice how similar it looks to this type of microphone.

South Park stick of truth review

South Park stick of truth has caught very little flack for its offensive material despite the fact that it is loaded with unsavoury things that some people are going to find offensive.

I think the reason for this is because the most powerful stuff is nestled at least 45 minutes into the game, and if you have been playing for 45 minutes, then you kinda know what to expect, and if you push on past that point, then you kinda know what you are letting yourself in for.

I would have to disagree when people say that South Park has survived so long because it breaks taboos and pushes boundaries, but I do not think that is the case. I agree that they have pushed boundaries in ways that no other TV shows have ever done before.

Such as by showing images of Muhammad, tackling Aids twice, saying “Shit” more times than any other show ever, and cartoon wars where they literally try to crowbar the word “Freedom” into America’s freedom of speech while simultaneously being censored by their own TV network.

Terms like “Derp” wouldn’t exist if South Park didn't. Nor would Durka Dur, Mud Monkey, Muff Cabbage and Mung. "They Took Our Jobs! They Terk Er Jerbs! Durka Dur!"

I agree that they have pushed boundaries in ways that no other TV shows have ever done before, but the real reason they have survived is because they are funny. The game is not laugh-out-loud funny, but there are so many funny elements that it is like reading a saucy pop-up book. You chip away at the story like any hardcore gamer, but behind every turn is something surprising, ticklish, or self referential.

One of the things that will stick with you is the Chinpokomon theme. For some reason, it became my catchphrase of the month.

Did I Ever Get Bored of Playing South Park Stick Of Truth?

Picture of sid and homeless man

Things I Disliked!!!

The game has no replay value. Get your fill and soak it all up because the second you complete it, you will not want to play it again. It may leave you with a hankering to play South Park the Fracture But Whole, but it is just a shadow in comparison to this game, so be warned.

i was not keen on the south park stick of truth dlc
DLC pack one
I wasn't keen on the Canada bit

Things I liked!!!

South park stick of truth is crude but funny

Things I Wish I Had Known Before Playing The Game

Ted Nipples saying Way Hey

So, to sum it up, I give it a Way Hey out of 17

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Written By Ashley Gaynor, 22/05/2019