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A Free Super Mario Games With Cats Instead Of Plumbers

The Super Cat Tales game is obviously heavily inspired by early Super Mario games that were developed for the Super Nintendo. The graphics are very similar, the game mechanics are almost identical, and the premise is the same except that you are not rescuing a princess. Cat Tales was well designed and custom made for touch screen controls.

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Super Mario, Zelda And Alex The Kid

The game is very similar to Super Mario when you look at the graphics and gameplay. There are 2D map sections that are almost identical to what you may see on early Zelda games, and the game has colorful-but-simple characters like the Alex The Kid game for the Master System games console. Clearly, the developers of the Super Cat Tales game were fans of old gaming systems.

There are six cats, and they each have their own abilities, with one having the same abilities as Sonic the Hedgehog, and one having the abilities of Tails from the Sonic games. There are fifty levels to run your way through for a chance to be on the leader board.

Super Cat Tales cat looking at a ring of coins while apes watch

Conclusion - It Is Oddly Good For Reasons That Are A Mystery

The Super Cat Tales has cute pixel visuals that are similar to early Nintendo and Master System games, there are plenty of hidden secret, and there are many achievements to unlock. All being considered, this is still a very good game.

Maybe it is nostalgia talking, and maybe young gamers will not see the appeal, but all-in-all, it is a pretty good game. The developers were clearly not in this one for the money, the game was a labour of love that you may enjoy for free.

Super Cat Tales cat has to jump over water


[+] There are plenty of optional collectables and secret areas to each level
[+] A free game that was clearly created as nostalgia piece with a twist of something new


[--] The cats swim, which is a little odd
[--] You get what you pay for, it is not a complex or sophisticated game

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How To Download The Mobile Game

Super Cat Tales is free to play on Google Play. It is called Super Cat Bros, but it is the same game.

Written By Ashley Gaynor, 09/04/2017