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Toy Defense 2 is a Strong and Free Contender in the Tower Defense Genre

With the Toy Defense 2 TD Battles Game, you are given 290 tower-defense missions for free. Play through World War II campaigns and play with vehicles from Germany, the USSR, the USA and Great Britain. The graphics are aesthetically pleasing, you may upgrade your units, and the tournament rating system adds an edge of competitiveness to the proceedings.

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A Familiar Feeling Army Game With A Tower Defense Mechanic

The game is very well textured, but is essentially flat and reminiscent of the many Command & Conquer clones that existed in the late 90s. With that in mind, the graphics have had an obvious overhaul, in that they are notably better than the first version of Toy Defense. The Toy Defense 2 TD Battles Game doesn’t demand that you come up with a strategy in order to win because you can clamber and mash your way through without one, but coming up with a strategy will help you win more easily and smoothly. The enemy units are a little disappointing both in terms of how they look, and how easily they are mown down by your guns and troops, but the game never claimed to as sophisticated as a PC game.

Toy Defense 2 customization screen

Conclusion - Tailoring The Game Is The Most Enjoyable Element

If the game simply involved choosing units and placing them, then the game would lose its appeal rather quickly. However, the ability to tailor your troops, to upgrade them, and to pick out their characteristics, gives the game a little more depth and complexity. In terms of tower defense games, it is certainly a great game, but it doesn’t bring anything new or exciting. The Toy Defense 2 TD Battles Game doesn’t re-invent the wheel, it simply stands on the shoulders of giants and does the same as them.

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[+] Customizing your troops is fun and adds depth
[+] One of the more engaging in the tower defense genre

[--] The game is no more or less groundbreaking than its closest competitor
[--] It starts to become tedious after level 200

Toy Defense 2 Battle Screen showing the graphics

How To Download The Mobile Game

Here Is The Amazon Download Option For People In The United Kingdom.

Here Is The Amazon Download Option For People In The United States Of America.

Written By Ashley Gaynor, 05/01/2017